European Commission’s Webinar and online course: Assessment within the era of Artificial Intelligence

Discover the latest advancements and current solutions while gaining insights into potential risks, pitfalls, and ethical considerations surrounding AI in evaluation. Be part of this vital conversation and make informed decisions in the assessment landscape.

Watch webinar recording

Download the PowerPoint presentation here

This webinar was part of the Assessment in the Age of AI online course which I also authored. The course aims to equip teachers with the necessary knowledge and tools to address these challenges and opportunities. It focuses on tackling issues such as bias and fairness, privacy and data security, automated feedback, validity and reliability of AI-based assessments, interpretation of AI-generated results, and maintaining a positive teacher-student relationship in the context of AI. By providing insights, examples, and discussions, the course empowers teachers to optimize the assessment process, enhance student learning outcomes, and navigate the intersection of assessment and AI in education responsibly and effectively.

More information is available on the European School Education Platform.