EDUtech Europe 2023 conference

🎙️ I just wrapped up two insightful sessions at the EDUtech Europe conference in Amsterdam, where I talked about the intersection of AI and education, focusing on some, for me, important aspects.  🤖📚

🌟 Safeguarding Well-being and Mental Health with AI 🌟

Do students understand that at the other end, there are not humans but machines? How do you find the balance between AI magic and AI errors without developing dependence or addiction? In this age of rapid technological advancement, we must strike a balance between the benefits of AI in education and the potential risks it poses to the mental and emotional health of learners and teachers.

💡 Existing Frameworks for AI Regulation in Education 💡

We also discussed the existing frameworks and guidelines that provide much-needed support for AI in the education sector. As a leader of the European Digital Education Hub’s “AI in Education” squad, I proudly talked about our Briefing reports that cover different aspects of AI in Education such as teachers’ AI competences, supporting teachers for the AI age, AI curriculum development, ethical and governance considerations, and impact of AI on assessment, feedback and personalisation.

🤖👩‍🏫 What will we outsource to AI, and what will we keep to ourselves, human teachers?  🤖👩‍🏫

One of the most thought-provoking questions we explored was the balance between AI and human teachers. What aspects of education should we outsource (or offload) to AI, and what should remain in the capable hands of human educators? Which activity is worth our time and effort? Do our students deserve personal feedback from teachers? Or are we heading towards a scenario where AI creates tasks, students use AI to answer them, and teachers use AI to grade those answers?

🌐 Getting the Best from AI While Protecting Privacy and Humanity 🌐

Ultimately, our discussion revolved around the central question: How can we harness the full potential of AI in education without compromising privacy, the essence of humanity, the teaching profession, or the quality of education itself? It’s a complex challenge, but by fostering dialogue and collaboration, we can navigate this ever-evolving landscape successfully.

😍 I want to thank my fellow panellists for their interesting perspectives and the opportunities to learn from their experiences Laura Knight Tamara Ciobanu Timothy Kelley Botond Pakucs Darren Neethling Kearon McNicol

👏 A special thank you goes to Human Power, who made EDUtech Europe happen Alessandro Bilotta & Shamala Gowri Anbalaghan you are stars ✨

Let’s continue to work together to shape a future where we put the well-being of our students and the quality of education at the forefront.

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